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Arrka announces the launch of CyberNinja – its End User Awareness solution

Infosec Consulting

We offer a range of services to enterprises including Assessments, Audits & VA/PT; Compliance with stds & regulations like ISO27001, PCI DSS, Indian IT Act, Indian ICFR requirements; UIDAI On-Boarding AUA/KUA audits, License Audits, and overall ISMS Consulting. Our ArrkaCISO service is specially designed for the SMB sector to equip them to address their Infosec requirements.

Data Privacy

We provide advisory and training services on Data Privacy – helping enterprises understand, implement & review privacy programs and build awareness about Privacy at the Board / Top Management level and across the organization via specialised workshops. Arrka is a DSCI-accredited Privacy training provider (the first in India) for the DCPP certification .


CyberNinja is Arrka’s End User Awareness solution. Targeted at users in organizations who use computers and devices, CyberNinja offers various learning & awareness artefacts. These include an online, self-learning module supported by other initiatives to bring about behavioral changes in an end user

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