A Giant Leap for Arrka

At the heart of Arrka is the Arrka Privacy Management Platform (APMP). Designed from scratch by our Co-Founder, Sameer Anja, our platform’s sole mission is to bring Data Privacy within the reach of every organization – Big or Small. With all the intel, data and tools built in, APMP propels an organization to ensure compliance with any Privacy law or standard out-of-the-box.

Sameer lived and breathed the Arrka platform. Tragically, he is no longer amongst us but continues to be that bright, shining star in the sky that guides us as we take his tremendous legacy forward. This latest release – a Giant Leap forward for Arrka – is dedicated to Sameer. We are hugely proud of the Arrka team that not only did NOT falter in the face of this tragedy but, instead, spurred on with extra drive and energy to ensure this release happens on schedule. Am sure Sameer is proudly looking down on us as we release this.

Why is this release such a big deal?


With this release, we have revamped the core of APMP. The platform now boasts advanced integration of AI, ML and enhanced data and module correlation capabilities. This includes seemless implementation of integrated assurance framework across multiple laws / frameworks, correlation of between various stages of compliance like gap assessment, implementation, KPIs, audits. This elevates the platform’s performance to new heights, making it even more useful for businesses looking to simplify their compliance journey.


With this release, we move to an intuitive, easy-to-use, icon-based approach. This makes for effortless navigation, eliminating text overload.

We have also introduced the APMP Store – making it easy to add on modules and links to a vast array of products and tools, whether in-house or external. This, in turn, sets the stage for rapid scalability and portability for our clients.

Accessing this store is just a click away from any page, allowing seamless switching between modules or clients (for consultants managing multiple clients off our platform). This intuitive navigation makes it easier than ever to use the platform, even for those who are new to it


One of our frameworks at the core of APMP is the Arrka Content Framework. Developed over three long years, this framework enables us to map any Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Law, Regulation or Standard into the platform from which all modules get powered up with the additional new law/regulation/standard. The new release has brought in end-to-end automation of this, thus equipping Arrka to add/ modify any law/regulation/standard in less than a day.

While we keep adding new laws, regulations and standards to our platform, with this release we have added a whole host of new ones, including ISO 27001:2022 (the updated new standard), ISO 27701 (the ISO standard for Privacy) and the latest version of India’s DPDP Bill.


Are you tired of the manual and time-consuming process of assessing and accepting risks? Do you worry about keeping track of accepted risks and the impact on these due to ever-changing landscape of laws and technology?

Introducing our Automated Risk Acceptance Workflow – the perfect solution for streamlining your risk assessment and acceptance process. By automating these steps, you can reduce manual effort, accelerate decision-making, and increase operational efficiency.

Once a risk is accepted, it is automatically added to your ‘Accepted Risk’ register. Plus, our system is configured to remind you to review risks based on the laid-down process and configuration.

Don’t let the burden of manual risk assessment hold you back – try our Automated Risk Acceptance Workflow today!


Registering your company on APMP is now a breeze, thanks to the seamless registration experience. The step-by-step profile registration journey prompts you to fill in the required details on your screen, ensuring a hassle-free process to get you up and running quickly.

Coupled with the flexible subscription options and integration of our online payment gateway from PAYU, getting started on the platform is so much easier now.

We are so excited that this release of the Arrka Privacy Management Platform (APMP) brings the power of AI, ML and sophisticated automation to equip organizations to manage their Data Privacy and Cybersecurity compliance journeys in an easy and efficient manner, reducing dependencies on hard-to-find, expensive expertise. It goes with our core philosophy of ‘pushing complexities under the hood’ so our clients can focus on driving their business while we worry about the myriad nitty-gritties of Privacy and Security Compliance.

So, go ahead and simplify your life and explore APMP today!

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