How it all Started
Being first-off-the-block in the domain of Data Privacy in India, Arrka has been privileged to have been associated with Data Privacy Training since formal Data Privacy Training began in India. Back in 2013, Arrka was invited to partner with DSCI (the Data Security Council of India – a NASSCOM Body) to help them develop the DCPLATM(DSCI Certified Privacy Lead Auditor) certification training. Based on the DSCI Privacy Framework (DPFTM), the DCPLA certification equips attendees to implement and audit Data Privacy Program vis-à-vis the framework. The framework was new, the concept was new and the domain, by itself, was new. Nevertheless, we jumped into this ‘untried and untested’ territory.. and created history in the process. Even today, Arrka’s senior faculty continue to be faculty on the DCPLA course, which has crossed 50 plus batches over the years. A year later, Arrka was invited once again by DSCI to partner with it to develop the DCPPTM (DSCI Certified Privacy Professional) certification. While DCPLA focused on implementing a Privacy Program, DCPP was specially designed to focus on the domain of Data Privacy. In the course of this, we helped author the PBok (Privacy Book of Knowledge), the text book that supports the DCPP certification. Today, Arrka continues to be an accredited partner of DSCI, conducting DCPP trainings and bootcamps to equip attendees to get an indepth view of Data Privacy as a domain.
Cross Pollinating Implementation Insights with Theory

As Arrka continued training, in parallel, the same team was also closely working with Organizations – big and small – helping them implement their Privacy Programs. The insights and learnings from this hands-on experience was surely and steadily fed back into the training programs, enriching the experience of its attendees.

Partnering with IAPP

As Data Privacy slowly began showing its green shoots in India, the world’s largest Privacy Body – the International Association of Privacy Professionals or IAPPTM – started growing its presence in India as well. Being the definitive Data Privacy player in India, Arrka started engaging with IAPP in multiple ways.

Arrka was one of IAPP’s first few Official Training Partners in India. Further, Arrka’s CEO has served as the founding chair of the Mumbai chapter of IAPP, then on their Asia Advisory Board and now on their Women Leading Privacy Advisory Board. She also writes a monthly column for the IAPP Asia Pacific Newsletter.

All in all, it has been an interesting decade-long journey in Data privacy training for Arrka. With more than a 100 training programs – in house and public – under its belt and having had the privilege of launching the Privacy careers of so many professionals who, themselves, are spearheading the domain in India, Arrka considers itself incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to contribute to history being made.

What’s more, we consider this just the beginning.

This page carries a list of the various programs Arrka has for various stakeholders from time to time that is available in the public domain. However, we do several in-house, specialized programs for organizations. Should your organization have a specific requirement, do get in touch with us.


Types of Courses Offered





DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP)

Virtual – Live

2 days



CIPM + CIPT + CIPP/E Package

Virtual – Live

2 days



Custom Privacy Bootcamp

(Covering Data Privacy fundamentals and Implementation framework)

Virtual – Live

2 days


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FAQs on Arrkademy

What makes Arrkademy different from other Privacy Training Providers in India?
  • Our Faculty:
    • Our Faculty are our own, in-house experts who are senior consultants working hands-on with our clients in helping them implement and manage their Privacy Programs. Naturally, not only do they have deep conceptual clarity in the domain of Data Privacy but the same is combined with ample contextual familiarity built over years of experience of handling all kinds of real-life scenarios and use cases. It is this depth and know-how that they bring to the courses they conduct.
    • We do not hire external faculty.
    • Consequently, we guarantee the quality of training we impart. Our focus is on quality and not on the quantity (number of programs) we conduct.
    • Incidentally, our faculty not only conducts training for Arrkademy’s courses but also for high-end programs like the DCPLA program of DSCI.
  • Our Experience of over a decade:
    • Arrka has been the pioneer in Data Privacy in India, imparting training for over a decade. Hence our programs have been fine-tuned over the years, incorporating learning and feedback from a large number of our trainees.
  • Our Credentials:
    • Our co-founder has authored the first text book on Data Privacy in India – for DSCI – for their DCPP certification.
    • Our co-founder is also from the first (small) batch of IAPP certified professionals in India, back in 2011.
What is Arrkademy’s Approach to training?
  • Data Privacy is a vast subject that is continually evolving and changing. Consequently, it is easy for people to get caught up in complex-sounding jargon and legalese.
  • Arrka believes it is important to separate the wheat from the chaff and focus on the core fundamentals in this domain.
  • Therefore, our approach to training is to focus on the core fundamentals and equip our trainees with the necessary concepts plus a ‘mental framework’ based on which they can go forth into the world of Data Privacy and build on this foundation.
  • Hence, we minimize the jargon, avoid overwhelming our trainees with a ton of ‘data’ and just focus on the crux. Which, by itself, is quite vast.
  • Based on feedback received over the years, we know that this approach has worked well for our trainees.
What Accreditations and Partnerships does Arrkademy have?
  • Arrkademy is an accredited training partner for IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals) https://iapp.org/   & DSCI (Data Security Council of India)    https://www.dsci.in/   





Does Arrkademy offer customized programs?
  • Yes, Arrkademy conducts a host of training programs that are specially customized to the requirements of specific clients. Please get in touch with us for your specific needs and we will be happy to build a customized program for you.
Why does Arrkademy have three types of programs & certifications – for Practitioners, for End Users and for Arrka Platform Users?
  • Programs for Practitioners:
    • These programs are for people who are working towards becoming Data Privacy experts – comprising (1) experts inside organizations who are tasked with implementing and managing Privacy Programs for the organization (2) experts who work as consultants supporting organizations in their privacy programs. These experts could be from any field – technical, legal, risk, compliance, IT, Cybersecurity, business, marketing, forensics, policy, etc.
    • Practitioners need to do a deep dive into the domain, understanding its various nuances and challenges. These programs focus on equipping these experts on their journeys.
  • Programs for End Users:
    • An End user is any individual who needs to manage her privacy risks at the personal level.
    • Additionally, some programs in this category are for individuals within organizations (apart from the practitioners) who need to understand basic fundamental concepts to enable them to do their jobs while adhering to the organization’s privacy policy and controls.
    • Programs for End Users focus on the key do’s and don’ts they need to know along with some fundamental concepts that they need to be aware of.
  • Arrka Platform Users:
    • Arrka is known for its Privacy Management Platform – the first and only platform of its kind from India.
    • Arrka’s clients use the Arrka platform to assess, design, implement and manage their Data Privacy Programs.
    • So training programs for Arrka Platform users are designed to provide a conceptual-cum- hands-on training around various modules on the Arrka platform so the individuals are able to successfully manage privacy in their organizations.
  • Most practitioners involved with Data Privacy Programs in Organizations need to have competencies in the following two aspects of Data Privacy:
    • 1) Data Privacy as a domain – which involves all the concepts related to Data Privacy
    • 2) Frameworks and approaches to implementing Data Privacy in organizations – which is different from conceptual knowhow.
  • Hence, from a training and certification point of view, it is good to get both.
  • For eg,
    • IAPP has the CIPP/<geo> series (Eg: CIPP/EU, etc) that covers Category #1 while DSCI has DCPP in the same category.
    • Similarly, IAPP has CIPM in Category #2 while DSCI has DCPLA
Does Arrkademy offer online self-learning modules?
  • We have launched e-Learning modules as part of the International Academy of Digital Governance (IADG). Pls. refer to the E-Learning Programs tab for more information