Privacy Compliance for Healthcare

Privacy Laws & Regulations for Healthcare organizations are complex and varied across geographies.

Overcome the complexities. Operationalise and manage your compliance end-to-end.

Integrated Compliance

Operating in multiple geographies means complying with multiple laws in tandem. Arrka’s underlying framework weaves all requirements together so you can operationalize your compliance in an integrated manner.

Out-of-the-Box Roll-Out & Management

Arrka’s experience & expertise in operationalising Privacy compliance has been baked into our platform. As a result, you get all that you need readymade. With minimal customization. Just get started. And keep going – as long as you need to remain compliant.

Arrka empowers you throughout your Compliance Lifecycle

Across multiple healthcare-related Laws, Regulations, Standards and Mandates

Yet to start?

Struggling to get started? The Arrka platform gets you going. Whether one law or multiple ones. In one go.

Somewhere there?

Some Policies & Templates documented. A few implemented. Yet to get going on the others. The Arrka platform streamlines all activities & processes.

All done?

Yayy! Now to ensure you remain compliant. And bring on an additional law or standard if required. The Arrka platform empowers you to do that. Throughout your journey.

All that you need – in one place.

Simplified & Quick Assessments

Gap Assessments, Impact Assessments, Third-Party Risk Assessments, Client Assessments — all out-of-the-box.

Policies, Templates, Workflows & Evidences on tap

Generate your privacy & Security policies, deploy off-the-shelf templates, set up & manage process workflows, and build evidences.

Handy Built-in Tools

Asset Register, Personal Data Inventory, Vendor Risk Management, Provisioning/ Deprovisioning and many others to help your Privacy & Security compliance program.

KPIs, Metrics & Dashboards

Leverage preset Privacy & Security KPIs or configure your own to track & measure your programs continually. Generate Alerts & Reports as required.

FAQs on Arrka for Healthcare

What is special about Arrka’s Solution for Healthcare?
  • Arrka has been working with various types and sizes of healthcare organizations across multiple geographies on their Data Privacy and Infosec Compliance requirements. From hospitals to healthtech startups to SAAS vendors in healthcare, we have seen the kind of challenges that are faced by organizations in this sector. They not only have to address the requirements of laws and regulations specific to the Privacy/ Security of health data but also look at other laws, standards and guidelines that embed Privacy and Infosec requirements.
  • This translates into two core issues these organizations have to deal with:
    • Understand all the laws/regulations/standards/guidelines that are applicable to them in the first place. The more geographies they operate in, the more complex this gets
    • Put them all together and implement a solution that works across these disparate compliance requirements and, furthermore, keep up with the frequent updates and/or new compliance requirements that come up from time to time.
  • It is exactly these two challenges that Arrka’s solution takes head-on and addresses. We have analysed various healthcare related laws & regulations, integrated them onto an underlying robust framework and developed a holistic solution that meets not just the current requirements but also has the ability to take on anything new that comes up on the horizon. What’s more, our team continually scans and adds on new compliance requirements that come up.
  • Our solution comprises our robust frameworks and methodologies, various intelligence engines & repositories as well as separate modules in the form of easy-to-use templates, workflows and dashboards.
  • All of this is baked into the Arrka platform and pushed under the hood – so our clients can simply focus on their business while Arrka works quietly in the background to ensure their Data Privacy and Infosec compliance are taken care of.
We have an Infosec and/or privacy policy and the required documentation already in place. Are we not already compliant? What more is needed?
  • Your policy needs to be translated into reality.
    • For eg, when you state in your policy that you use the Personal Data you collect only for a list of, say, 5 purposes, then you need to ensure that you put the right processes and controls in place to ensure that actually happens in reality. Further, you need to monitor these to ensure they actually work.
    • Similarly, your Infosec policy may state that you have an asset inventory and a password policy of using passwords of a minimum length of 8 characters that needs to be changed every three months. These need to be actually implemented and you need to have evidence of the same.
  • All of this – and more – can be deployed and managed easily and effectively with Arrka’s solution.
We don’t have people who have the time and bandwidth to figure out the Arrka platform and how it needs to be used. Can you just take over and handle everything for us end-to-end?
  • Absolutely! We layer our consulting services on top of the platform to offer you Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) and Virtual CPO (Chief Privacy Officer) Services. So, in effect, we manage your security and privacy programs for you.
We have users and clients across many different countries – each of whom have their own healthcare privacy/ security laws and regulations. How does the Arrka solution work in this case?
  • The Arrka platform is designed to help you do ‘simultaneous compliance’. Which means you can comply with all the applicable Data Privacy & Security Laws & Standards simultaneously, in one go. Further, you can add on any new law or standard anytime without having to go back to the starting point.
  • This is great news. The Arrka platform perfectly synchronises with the work done by your legal counsel and operationalises all that the legal team does. In other words, we help you bring into practice all the documents that your legal counsel has drafted.
If we use the Arrka solution, will our customer or employee customer data reside on the Arrka platform?
  • Not at all! Your data continues to remain exactly where it is. The Arrka platform only helps you manage the compliance end-to-end, for which we do not need access to the actual data at any point in time.
If we use the Arrka solution, will we need to deploy anything on our servers?
  • Nothing is required to be installed or deployed on your servers
If we need to reach out and talk to a Privacy/ Security expert at any point in time, can Arrka help with that?
  • Yes, Arrka has a pool of Experts who can step in to help you with any queries you have or any assistance you may need.

Complying with multiple laws and standards can be daunting

We understand that your business is complex, probably spread across multiple countries, each with its own privacy and security laws and regulations. With Arrka, you can do it all.