Comply with CCPA. Now. And Throughout your Journey.

Ensure you remain compliant with CCPA through its relentless & demanding Lifecycle.

Arrka empowers you at each stage

Wherever you are  on your CCPA compliance journey

Yet to Start?

Struggling to get started? The Arrka platform gets you going. Simply, easily and quickly.

Somewhere there?

Policies & Documentation completed. Actioning them off is a different story? The Arrka platform streamlines all activities & processes.

All done?

Yayy! Now to ensure you remain compliant. The Arrka platform empowers you to do that. Throughout your journey.

CCPA compliance is simplified

Quick Assessments

Gap Assessments, DPIAs, Third-Party Assessments, Client Contractual Assessments - all built-in.

Policies, Templates, Workflows, Contract Management on tap

Generate your privacy policies, enable PbD, set up & manage Rights, manage client & vendor contracts.

Personal Data Management

Identify your Personal Data (PD), Map PD flows to Third parties/ Clients, set up & manage your PD Inventory.

Central Privacy Portal

A portal for Data Subjects to manage their consents, access notices, exercise choices and rights.

FAQs on CCPA compliance

We are not located in California. Is CCPA applicable to my organization?
  • CCPA is applicable to your organization if:
    You have a gross revenue greater than $25 million.
    You annually buy, receive, sell, or share the Personal Data of more than 50,000 consumers, households, or devices for commercial purposes.
    You derive 50 percent or more of your annual revenue from selling
    consumers’ Personal Data.
We have a privacy policy and the required documentation in place for GDPR. Are we not already compliant? What more is needed?
  • – Your policy needs to be translated into reality.
    o For e.g., when you state in your policy that you use the Personal Data you collect only for a list of, say, 5 purposes, then you need to ensure that you put the right processes and controls in place to ensure that actually happens in reality. Further, you need to monitor these to ensure they actually work.
    – Similarly, you may have a documented process for catering to an incoming Rights request from a Data Subject. This has to be operationalized so that when someone actually exercises their rights with you, you are geared up for it.
    o For e.g., someone may ask you to erase her data with you. For this, you need to know all the places where her data is located – within your organization as well as with any vendors or partners. You need to have a mechanism to authenticate the request – to ensure it is not a fraudulent request. You need to have people in your organization trained to track and respond to such requests. And several such other steps.
    – All of this – and more – can be deployed and managed easily and effectively with Arrka’s solution.
We have no one in our organization who understands CCPA in depth nor does anyone have the time to spend on this. Yet we have to comply. How does Arrka help?
  • We at Arrka have done all the hard work on your behalf – so you don’t need to spend time understanding what CCPA is all about. All of this is baked into the platform via our Frameworks and libraries.
  • Further, we have a team of consultants who will handhold you through the whole process to get you going. And if you need help for day-to-day management of your GDPR program, then the Arrka team can take that on as well. In short, we work as your extended CCPA Compliance team.
We haven’t really got our Data Security together either. Can Arrka help with that?
  • Yes, Arrka’s platform is designed to equip you to take care of both your privacy as well as security compliance and governance needs.
I would like to comply with ISO27001 as well in parallel. Can Arrka do that as well?
  • Yes, Arrka can do both in tandem
We have users and customers across 10 different countries – each of whom have their own privacy laws. How does the Arrka solution work in this case?
  • The Arrka platform is designed to help you do ‘simultaneous compliance’. Which means you can comply with all the applicable Data Privacy & Security Laws & Standards simultaneously, in one go. Further, you can add on any new law or standard anytime without having to go back to the starting point.
  • This is great news. The Arrka platform perfectly synchronizes with the work done by your legal counsel and operationalizes all that the legal team does.
If we use the Arrka solution, will our customer or employee customer data reside on the Arrka platform?
  • Not at all! Your data continues to remain exactly where it is. The Arrka platform only helps you manage the compliance end-to-end, for which we do not need access to the actual data at any point in time.
If we use the Arrka solution, will we need to deploy anything on our servers?
  • No. Nothing is required to be installed or deployed on your servers
If we need to reach out and talk to a Privacy expert at any point in time, can Arrka help with that?
  • Yes, Arrka has a pool of Privacy Experts who can step in to help you with any queries you have or any assistance you may need.

Have additional laws and standards to comply with?

We understand that your business is probably spread across multiple countries – so you may need to comply with more than one law or standard at the same time. Worry not; we can easily do that without missing a beat.