Comply with multiple laws and standards, simultaneously.

Your business spans multiple geographies.
Or you need to adopt an ISO standard as well as comply with a Data Privacy Law at the same time.
With our Solution, you can do that easily. And add on several more whenever you want.

You have customers and other stakeholders in multiple countries – requiring you to comply with the Data Protection & Privacy laws of each of those countries simultaneously

Further, you may want to get certified for ISO 27001, 27701 or other standards in parallel.

And you know that this domain is continually evolving. New Laws, regulations and standards concerning Privacy and Security keep emerging while existing ones keep changing.

Arrka’s platform, powered by our underlying robust integrated frameworks, is designed to take care of the above scenarios.

So you can easily ‘do it all’ in a smooth, integrated manner. Now.. and always.

Go Forth and Conquer the World!

We will ensure your Data Protection & Privacy compliance requirements keep up

Start with many

Wondering how to get started with multiple laws & standards? The Arrka platform gets you going. Simply, easily and quickly.

Add on a few more

You have already complied with a few laws/ standards. Looking to add more? You can easily and seamlessly do that – without undoing what you have already done.

Manage it all

Yayy! You have multiple laws, regulations and standards under your belt. Now to ensure you remain compliant. The Arrka platform empowers you to do that. Throughout your journey.

Enabling Integrated Compliance

Integrated & Unified Underlying Framework

Arrka’s proprietary powerful underlying framework is baked into the Arrka platform powering this Integrated Compliance

Continually updated Law Mapper Engine

The underlying Arrka Law Mapper Engine is continually updated with new laws and updates to existing laws, ensuring your compliance remains up-to-date

Add ons – Any time

Your business is continually changing. So new laws & standards can come at you anytime. With Arrka, you can add on new laws as and when required.

Incremental additions only

New Laws & Standards does not mean you need to go back to the starting point. Our powerful frameworks & engines ensure you simply build on incrementally to what you has been done earlier.

FAQs on Simultaneous Compliance

What is special about Arrka’s Solution for Simultaneous Compliance?
  • The reality for most organizations – big and small – is that they have to comply with multiple Data Privacy and Security Laws and Standards at the same time. And keep up with their changes as well.
  • To ensure this happens in a smooth integrated manner without shaking the stability of an organization’s Data Privacy or Security program Arrka has adopted the following multi-pronged approach:
    • Robust Underlying Frameworks: Operationalising Compliance requires implementation of frameworks. These ensure that every time there is a change, it can be easily and smoothly incorporated. Having worked for a decade with both large enterprises as well as small ones, we at Arrka have developed and fine-tuned these frameworks which our customers benefit from.
    • Multiple Laws & Standards ‘Out-of-the-box’: Onto these frameworks, we at Arrka have mapped multiple Data Privacy and Security Laws and Standards. We keep adding to these as well as update whenever there is an update in any law or standard. Hence, for our clients, these are available readymade, on a platter, out-of-the-box.
    • Complexity pushed under the hood: We understand how complex all of the above actually is. However, we believe this complexity need not be passed on to our clients. So the frameworks and the laws & standards are all baked into readymade, easy-to-use modules on the Arrka Platform. This ensures that our clients don’t have to get into the complexities – and can simply focus on their business.
What about Laws and Standards that are not already on the Platform?
  • Worry not. In case the specific Law or Standard is not available out-of-the-box on the Platform, simply get in touch with us. Our team of experts will incorporate it in no time. That is the beauty of having a robust underlying law mapping framework.
We already have a privacy policy and the required documentation for compliance in place. Are we not already compliant? What more is needed?
  • Your policy needs to be translated into reality. And ensure it meets the requirements of multiple laws simultaneously
    • For eg, you may use employee contract as the legal ground for processing employee data in the EU under GDPR but you may require some other legal ground in a different country. This needs to be actually implemented in your organization
  • Similarly, you may have a documented process for catering to an incoming Rights request from a Data Subject. And different laws offer different rights. You need to be geared up to cater to these rights as per the law that is applicable to that particular individual. This has to be operationalized so that when someone actually exercises their rights with you, you can cater to it.
  • All of this – and more – can be deployed and managed easily and effectively with Arrka’s solution.
We have no one in our organization who understands all these Laws and Standards in depth. Nor does anyone have the time to spend on this. Yet we have to comply. How does Arrka help?
  • We at Arrka have done all the hard work on your behalf – so you don’t need to spend time understanding what all the laws and standards are all about. All of this is baked into the platform via our Frameworks and libraries.
  • Further, we have a team of consultants who will handhold you through the whole process to get you going. And if you need help for day to day management of your Data Privacy and Security programs, then the Arrka team can take that on as well. In short, we work as your extended Data Privacy and Security Compliance team.
  • This is great news. The Arrka platform perfectly synchronises with the work done by your legal counsel and operationalises all that the legal team does.
If we use the Arrka solution, will our customer or employee customer data reside on the Arrka platform?
  • Not at all! Your data continues to remain exactly where it is. The Arrka platform only helps you manage the compliance end-to-end, for which we do not need access to the actual data at any point in time.
If we use the Arrka solution, will we need to deploy anything on our servers?
  • Nothing is required to be installed or deployed on your servers
If we need to reach out and talk to a Privacy expert at any point in time, can Arrka help with that?
  • Yes, Arrka has a pool of experts who can step in to help you with any queries you have or any assistance you may need.

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