Why do Privacy & Security Consultants need a Privacy Platform?

The world needs 100x more Privacy & Security Consultants. So you need to do A LOT MORE than you currently do. Automation holds the key to this. Which is what the Arrka Platform empowers you with.

Boost efficiency with Arrka 

You are scrambling to keep up with your clients’ demands to help them comply with applicable the Data Protection, Privacy & Security Laws, Regulations, Mandates & Standards.

However, you have limited resources. Skilled people to augment your team are hard to come by. So the team you have has to do a lot more.

Which means you need to automate. Minimise manual work. Get much more efficient. So your team doesn’t waste time on unnecessary work. And gets to focus on the critical stuff. 

The Arrka platform enables you to do exactly that. So you can rapidly scale your business. Without having to expand your team.

Out-of-the-Box Privacy & Security Compliance

Quick Assessments

Gap Assessments, Impact Assessments, Third-Party Risk Assessments, Client Assessments — all out-of-the-box.

Policies, Templates, Workflows & Evidences on tap

Generate Privacy & Security policies, deploy off-the-shelf templates, set up & manage process workflows, build evidences.

Handy Built-in Tools

Asset Register, Personal Data Inventory, Vendor Risk Management, Provisioning/ Deprovisioning and many others to help a Privacy & Security program.

KPIs, Metrics & Dashboards

Leverage preset privacy & security KPIs or configure your own to track & measure your client’s programs on a continual basis. Generate Alerts & Reports as required.

FAQs on Compliance for Privacy & Security Consultants

How can Arrka’s Platform help a Data Privacy/Security Consultant?
  • Efficiency: Quite a bit of Consultant’s time and effort is spent in gathering data. The Arrka platform helps take care of all of this – thus freeing up consultant’s valuable time to focus on the main task at hand – which is to solve the problem at hand based on the data collected and collated.
  • Out-of-the-Box intelligence: Data Privacy and Security laws/regulations/standards are changing and evolving. This means Data Privacy/Security Consultant has to not only continually keep track and update their own knowledge but also update their approach, questions, checklists and documentation. By making the latter available out-of-the-box on the Arrka platform, we equip the consultant to focus on the crucial intelligence-driven work while onerous downstream work is taken care of by us
  • Hassle-reduction: Rolling out and operationalizing processes and various controls designed by them can be quite bothersome and hassling for a consultant. With features and functionalities like workflows, checklists, repositories, automated alerts and task allocations, data correlation, etc, a lot of these hassles get eliminated. This leaves the consultant ample time to focus on the crux of the problem – helping the organization manage their risks- rather than running around doing routine, time-sapping tasks.
What is special about Arrka’s Solution for Consultants?
  • Over the years of working with organizations of various sizes across sectors, one common thread we observed was the challenge and hassle around Data Privacy and Security Consulting – especially the ‘pre’ work of gathering data and the ‘post’ work of operationalizing the solutions designed and documented so carefully by them.
  • Further, consultants are required to do all of this with limited access to skilled people and scarce resources.
  • So we at Arrka set about trying to make life easier for consultants.
  • Keeping the specific context of Data Privacy and Infosec in mind, the Platform has all the requisite intelligence built in and modules that address all that a Data Privacy and Security Compliance program requires. This automation of routine tasks and activities frees up a lot of time for consultants, thus greatly enhancing their efficiency.
What do you mean by having ‘out-of-the-box’ checklists, workflows and repositories?
  • The Arrka platform has predesigned / pre-prepared checklists for various Data Privacy and Security assessment requirements. These are available out of the box so consultants don’t have to start from scratch. Further, the various Data Privacy/Security design elements to address the gaps that emerge during the assessment are built into the platform as readymade modules – so it becomes easier for the consultant to operationalize them for their Clients.
Can the platform be used across multiple Clients?
  • Yes, the platform can be used by one Consultant across multiple Client entities. It enables the Consultant to run multiple consulting engagements simultaneously without hassles.
If we use the Arrka solution, will we need to deploy anything on clients’ servers?
  • Nothing is required to be installed or deployed on clients’ servers
If we need to reach out and talk to a Privacy/ Security expert at any point in time, can Arrka help with that?
  • Yes, Arrka has a pool of Experts who can step in to help you with any queries you have or any assistance you may need.

Complying with multiple laws and standards can be daunting

We understand that your business is complex, probably spread across any countries, each with its own specific privacy and security laws and regulations. With Arrka, you can do it all.