Annual ‘State of Data Privacy of Mobile Apps & Websites in India’ Study

Back in 2017 – when Data Privacy was but a mere blip on the radar of India – we at Arrka had an ‘itch’ of sorts. We were curious to see how Indian Mobile Apps did on the Privacy front. So we looked around for some statistics and data points. We could find none.

So we said, ‘Let’s just find out ourselves’. From there began this annual labour of love for the Arrka team.

That first year – in 2017 – we tested the top 100 Indian Android Mobile Apps.

The subsequent year – 2018 – we decided to extend the scope of the study to their IOS counterparts as well as the associated websites. We also did a small sub-study on children’s apps. And a benchmarking against global apps.

This year, 2019, we have further built on this. During the course of this year, our team worked on developing a ‘Privacy Index’ for organizations. A score, on a scale of 1-100, that can help peg where an organization stands when it comes to Privacy. While the overall Privacy Index is yet to be formally launched, we used a small part of it to establish the level at which the Mobile Apps and Websites we tested stood.