We at Arrka believe that a host of experts need to come together to address the huge challenges that organizations face today in managing their Security & Privacy Needs. The Arrka Partner Programs facilitate and enable this forging of expertise.

We partner with:

Resellers & Referral Partners

These are organizations who typically operate in a niche market or a specific geography – either in the Information Risk related domains or in some other IT or Process domains – with deep client relationships who are looking to add value to their clients and help them address their high-risk needs. Arrka equips these partners to take its Security & Privacy offerings to these clients.

Information Security Solution Providers

These are organizations who typically sell security products and services. Arrka equips and enables them to bring the critical, value added consulting & training portfolio to their basket of offerings without having to hire a completely new team for the same. This enables them to become a one-stop solution provider to their clients.

Law Firms

Law firms and Lawyers who work in the technology, data and compliance domains. Arrka works closely with lawyers and legal counsels within organizations in implementing security & privacy programs – which is essentially a ‘downstream’ activity to the legal work involved.

The Arrka Consultants Forum

Arrka has established the Arrka Consultants Forum as a forum for Infosec and other Information Risk related Consultants/ Consulting organizations to ‘up the quotient’ of these expert individuals to their clients.

There is a tremendous need for expertise in this domain and all the consulting talent available put together can hardly meet the requirements of the market. To address this paucity of talent, Arrka empowers these consultants with its Platform, Toolkits and other offerings so that they spend less time on the ‘simpler’ tasks and get to concentrate their energies and focus on the more complex issues faced by their clients.

Further, we help connect members of this forum with its clients who require their expertise.

The Arrka Auditors Forum

One of the challenges that Arrka helps address is that of Third Party Risks. All organizations today grapple with the challenge of managing the risk that emerge from their vendors, suppliers and other third party stakeholders – most of whom are plugged (directly or indirectly) into the organization’s infrastructure.

Organizations address this risk by undertaking periodic assessments and audits of their Third Parties. However, it is often easier said than done. Profiles, maturity levels, and levels of technology usage varies considerably amongst third parties who may be offering similar services or products. Similarly there is a great degree of variance amongst the Audit community as well. Expertise Levels of Auditors vary. Geographical spreads vary – Tier2 & Tier3 cities and towns don’t have easy access to Audit talent. Given all this, how does an organization manage its Third Party Risks – that too within reasonable budgets.

On the other hand, the Audit & Assessor community is also quite spread out – with plenty of small & mid-sized players. They are often not able to cater to the varied requirements of their clients.

Arrka addresses all of the above challenges via the Arrka Auditor’s forum. Leveraging the Arrka platform with its Third Party Risk Management capabilities combined with its other core offerings like the Arrka Academy and the Arrka Lab, the auditors’ forum:

  • Enables organizations to access and meet its varied assessment & audit requirements across profiles and geographies by giving them access to a larger expert group
  • Enables Assessors & Auditors to cater to a lot more clients than they otherwise could have given their limitations of operating in their own geographies and domains.

Alliance Partners

In addition to all types of partners listed above, Arrka also has strategic partnerships with various technology and solution providers – incorporating their solutions into the Arrka Platform and other Arrka products.

To find out further and to partner with us, do contact us.