GDPR Implementation Boot Camp

Understanding a Data Privacy or Personal Data Protection law and implementing it in an organization are two different things. This realization often taken time to set in.

This entire domain of Data Privacy being relatively new in many parts of the world – including India – most individuals and organizations are trying to grapple with the twin problems of:

  • Understanding and imbibing WHAT Data Privacy is all about
  • Understanding what IMPLEMENTING a Data Privacy Program is all about

Specifically, the EU GDPR has given many organizations sleepless nights. Right from basic questions like ‘does the GDPR apply to me in the first place’ to relatively more complex ones like identifying which areas of the business/ organization are impacted to implementing the law to figuring out how to deal with incidents – we at Arrka have been an integral part of many organizations’ journeys through these twists and turns.

This understanding has resulted in the design of this special ‘boot camp’ from Arrka. A program that puts together the basics of GDPR along with the requisite framework to implement the law… complete with some of the unique requirements of GDPR.

Connect with us to find out more about this special GDPR Implementation Boot Camp.