Doing periodic risk assessments of how an application(s) or the IT infrastructure or a digital property(ies) like a mobile app or website is doing vis-à-vis information risks is a standard practice in organizations. It can be at the commencement of program roll out or when introducing a new asset into the organization’s ecosystem or to comply with some legal or contractual norms.

One aspect of such assessments is assessing technology risks. Which involved undertaking technical testing of the various elements mentioned above.

The Arrka Lab does exactly this. The lab is equipped to carry out technical testing of various types of assets and digital properties.

The Lab has Two Sub-Labs:

The two domains, being distinct and different, require independent focus and associated expertise. Hence the two individual or ‘sub’-labs within Arrka Labs.

Note: Leveraging the expertise of the Arrka Privacy Testing Lab, we do an Annual ‘State of Privacy in India’ study in which we test 100 Indian mobile apps and websites.