CyberNinja For Security

Having worked with equipping organizations to implement security programs for many years, the one thing that we see has not changed: the Individual remains the Weakest Link

No matter what stringent controls the organization may implement, they can come to nought if their people are not made aware and appropriately trained. In many cases, the only controls that can be instituted are via people.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to create & spread awareness amongst individual employees and other stakeholders is via an online, self-paced, e-learning course.z

CyberNinja TM for Security from Arrka is an online, self-learning course, specially designed for an end-user to equip her with a basic understanding of Information Security in an organizational context.

The course can be customised to specific organizational requirements, accommodating customised content as well as branding requirements.

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We understand that just doing one training program does not suffice to build sustained learning and bring about impactful behavioural changes. This needs to be supported with:

  • Ongoing Communication of key messages using various communication mechanisms using a host of artefacts. Arrka has specialised offerings here to meet this organizational requirement
  • Testing & Assessing a user’s understanding and whether it has indeed resulted in any behavioural changes. Arrka has specialised testing and assessment tools as well to address this requirement

Note: The Arrka Academy offers a separate exclusive online learning module for Data Privacy. We recommend that the Security Module be complemented by this Privacy module to ensure an end-to-end understanding of Information Risks.