I am aware that my Personal Data has immense value. It is like money for many. And hence I will do all it takes to ensure it remains Private and Protected.

I will not give out my personal details at unknown locations in return for freebies and discounts. I will avoid participating in lucky draws asking me to fill out forms giving away my Personal Data.

I will think twice and ask ‘Why’ when I am asked for my mobile number, email id and other personal details at places where they are not required.

I will not give away any personal data to unknown individuals and callers who claim to be official representatives of a company or government department. I will first verify their identity before I engage with them.

I will make sure I shred or destroy documents containing my important data before I throw them away. I will be especially careful about address labels and financial statements.

I will download only those Mobile Apps that I need. I will switch off the dangerous permissions not required in the App. I will download Apps only from trusted sources. And I will delete Apps that I don’t frequently use.

I will turn off 3rd Party Cookies & Browser History from my browser and use private browsing mode whenever possible.

I will think twice about what I post online. I will remember and be conscious of the fact that whatever I post online is forever and will become public at some point in time.

I will be particularly conscious about whatever I post online about children.

I will switch off smart devices in the house when I am not at home and in the nights.

I will refrain from using public or free wifi, unless I absolutely need to. Even if I do, I will not use it for logging into any sites, especially banking & financial transactions’ sites.

I will not share my Passwords, PINs and Account Numbers with others. I will look for and turn on OTP and other Security & Privacy settings offered by Websites, Apps, Social Media and others.

I will adopt basic security hygiene in my online habits: I will frequently change my passwords, I will not visit suspicious sites, I will install and update anti-virus on my devices, I will regularly apply patches to my apps (mobile/ laptop) as soon as they are released, I will not share pen drives and other storage devices.

I will back up my data from time to time.

I will remember that there is no FREE LUNCH – and if something is being offered free, it means that someone is benefitting from my interaction in some other way that may not be known to me.