Last week, over lunch, our Privacy team was excitedly discussing the upcoming Data Privacy Day on Jan 28th. Being enthusiastic privacy consultants, they had a whole list of things they wanted to do to mark the day. In the midst of the chatter, someone popped up and said ‘Hey…all this is fine! But end of the day, I worry about my mom who is all the time on her smartphone, clueless about privacy – while here I am, a privacy consultant by profession.”

This got everyone thinking about their friends and family…. and how typical end users like them – smart and enthusiastic gadget users – usually have no idea about what they should be careful about. So the ‘corpo’ discussion got put aside and the team decided that they should actually mark this Data Privacy Day with something that would be useful to a typical user. And Swati from the team volunteered to take their inputs and put together a guide specific to Android – as that is the most commonly used smartphone around us.

So here goes the ‘Privacy and the Android Ecosystem’ guide – a ‘how to’ note on how you can make the most of the settings available on your Android Phone and Google, in general, to maximise your privacy. Hope you find it useful.

Download Here : Privacy and the Android Ecosystem PDF