• “We started this initiative thinking GDPR – but quickly realise we have exposure to 12 other countries with stringent privacy laws. What do we do?”
  • “Our largest user base is spread across almost 20 countries. How do we comply with all the privacy laws all at once?”
  • “My IT applications cater to multiple geographies. Don’t tell me changes specific to one particular geography – I cannot change an application for just one geo. Tell me what is the common minimum across geographies first – and then the ‘extras’ per individual geo.”

Familiar refrains?

The ARRKACOMPLY: MULTILAW offering caters to exactly these challenges.

At the heart of enabling organizations to comply across multiple laws is The Arrka Law Analysis EngineTM. Based on the Arrka Law Analysis Framework, this Intelligence engine maps multiple privacy laws across all implementation requirements. From this emerges a ‘common minimum framework’ that is unique to each organization – which gives the organization a base to implement multiple laws in an integrated inclusive manner.

This is further supplemented by:

ARRKACOMPLY: MULTILAW is a part of our bouquet of Privacy Compliance offerings.

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