ArrkaComply: HITRUST

HITRUST  (an acronym for ‘Health Information Trust Alliance’) an entity based out of the US has developed the HITRUST CSF – a comprehensive framework for Information Risk Management & Compliance. Popular amongst healthcare entities and their ecosystem on services providers, vendors & partners, HITRUST is a framework that many entities globally aspire to or are required to comply with.

To make this process of compliance relatively easier for the entities involved, Arrka has specially designed ArrkaComply: HITRUST. Offered off the powerful Arrka Intelligent PlatformTM combined with assisted services from experts, ArrkaComply: HITRUST empowers organizations to quickly comply with the requirements of HITRUST’s mandates.

A Quick Overview of the Solution Offering:

  • Pre-designed, sharply focussed assessment questionnaires that quickly tell you where exactly you stand and what are the gaps that need to be bridged to ensure compliance
  • Technology Risk Assessment using VAPT – as required
  • Out-of-the-box policies & processes to get you going
  • KPIs and management dashboards to manage the program end-to-end
  • A Host of tools and repositories built into the platform to make your compliance straightforward
  • All supported by a team of experts to guide you every step of the way

Special Mention: We at Arrka understand that becoming compliant and remaining compliant are two different things – and need to be focussed on independently. Hence our offering comprises two distinct parts – to get you there in the first place and, once there, to ensure you remain there! 

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