You are a relatively small organization – between 50-150 people using IT. You have a person who looks after your IT requirements, most of which are probably in the cloud or outsourced. You don’t really have anyone who specifically looks at CyberSecurity or Data Privacy.

Meanwhile, you have a client or a regulator asking you to comply with some standard (say ISO 27001 or SOC II) or some regulation (say RBI cybersecurity framework or the US SEC framework) or some law (say GDPR or CCPA or Singapore PDPA). Maybe you already have managed to – somehow! But are not sure how to sustain all this going forward.

Or you may have been a victim on a cyberattack or a fraud and lost some money. Or maybe someone else in your industry has.

You know you need to address these challenges. However, you also have a business to run. And you don’t have people who can take care of the above. Your senior team doesn’t have the bandwidth to get into this. You call your regular IT vendor who plies you with various products and services – which you know are not going to meet all your requirements.

Your budgets are also very limited. You can’t spend too much money (you’d rather live with the risk!). This means you can’t get access to the experts in the industry either. Nor can you afford to hire or retain a dedicated person to look after these needs – it is anyways not a full time job. In any case, talent is in extremely short supply.

What do you do?

ARRKACISO+DPO: VIRTUAL is your answer.

This solution from Arrka is like your Virtual CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) & DPO (Data Protection Officer for Privacy). Which means you get what you need – within your budgets.

What is unique about ARRKACISO+DPO: VIRTUAL?

  • Runs off the Arrka Intelligent Platform
    • Which means you are not person-dependent -even at our end
    • All key intelligence and management pre-built into the platform
  • Augmented by Expert Teams
    • Arrka has various expert teams at the backend that specialise in different aspects of CyberSecurity & Data Privacy. For eg, we have technical experts, legal & compliance experts, policy & process experts, etc. 
    • As and when required, the individual teams step in to support & guide you
  • You get an Engagement Manager who is your Point of Contact for all your needs

In short, you get a CISO+DPO at your disposal without having to actually invest in one. What’s more, you get access to the necessary expertise and advice without having to separately engage with high-end consultants for the same.

To get your own Virtual CISO+DPO, do contact us.