You are a mid-to-large sized organization – maybe upto 5000-7000 people using IT. You have a mid-to-senior level person as your designated CISO and DPO who is competent.

Your organization is dealing with fairly complex Information Risk Challenges. You have a host of standards (like ISO 27001 or SOC II), regulations (like the RBI cybersecurity framework or the US SEC framework) and laws (like GDPR or CCPA or Singapore PDPA) to comply with. You also have to continually guard against all kinds of cyberattacks and incidents.

And this only escalates everyday. It is relentless.

Your CISO & DPO is struggling under the weight of managing all this. His is a job requiring his being on top of 5000 different things, day in and day out. He is constantly asking for higher budgets and to increase the size of his team – either hire folks or have them deployed from service providers. Even with all this, it is never enough. There is an acute shortage of skilled people – so where is he going to find people. And the more products he deploys, the more complex is the whole environment going to get to manage.

What do you do?

ARRKACISO+DPO: ENABLE is your answer.

We at Arrka understand exactly what your CISO+DPO is going through. We understand how the 5000 different tasks he handles can be simplified with smart automation, metrics, MIS and Dashboards. We understand how to separate out the mundane from the skilled tasks – and how to eliminate or minimise the time he spends on doing all of them.

In short, we understand how to IMPLEMENT & MANAGE Security & Privacy Programs.

And this is what we have translated into our ARRKACISO+DPO: ENABLE offering. In short, the solution enables a CISO+DPO do his job efficiently and effectively.

What is unique about ARRKACISO+DPO: ENABLE?

  • Runs off the Arrka Intelligent Platform
    • All key intelligence and management is pre-built into the platform – that your CISO+DPO & his team has access to at their fingertips
  • Augmented by Expert Teams
    • Arrka has various expert teams at the backend that specialise in different aspects of CyberSecurity & Data Privacy. For eg, we have technical experts, legal & compliance experts, policy & process experts, etc. 
    • As and when required, the individual teams step in to support & guide your internal teams
  • You get an Engagement Manager who is your Point of Contact for all your needs

To get your own Enable CISO+DPO, do contact us.