You are a small or mid-sized organization – maybe upto 500-700 people using IT. You have a person(s) you have designated as your CISO and DPO, although most likely that the person is junior or mid-level, reporting into your IT head. 

Meanwhile, you have a client or a regulator asking you to comply with some standard (say ISO 27001 or SOC II) or some regulation (say RBI cybersecurity framework or the US SEC framework) or some law (say GDPR or CCPA or Singapore PDPA). 

Or you may have been a victim on a cyberattack or a fraud and lost some money. Or maybe someone else in your industry has.

You probably already have taken some measures – or are in the process of doing so. For eg, you may have started or implemented ISO 27001 or SOC II. You have managed to do this by engaging with some consultants or auditors – with whom your CISO/DPO has worked closely to get things going.

However, you know that this is not enough. You worry about how to sustain and manage this. You worry about how to ensure you remain secure, privacy compliant and/or meet your other information risk and compliance needs moving forward as your business grows and expands. 

You know that the person in your team – while being dedicated, sincere and hardworking – does not have the insights and expertise to do this. At the same time, you don’t have the budgets to keep retaining high-cost experts to oversee your risks.

What do you do?

ARRKACISO+DPO: EMPOWER is your answer.

This solution from Arrka is like your CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) & DPO (Data Protection Officer for Privacy) on call. The solution is meant to empower your designated CISO/DPO and your organization with all that is needed to manage your Security, Privacy, Risk and Compliance.

What is unique about ARRKACISO+DPO: EMPOWER?

  • Runs off the Arrka Intelligent Platform
    • Which means you are not person-dependent -even at our end
    • All key intelligence and management pre-built into the platform – that your team has access to at their fingertips
  • Augmented by Expert Teams
    • Arrka has various expert teams at the backend that specialise in different aspects of CyberSecurity & Data Privacy. For eg, we have technical experts, legal & compliance experts, policy & process experts, etc. 
    • As and when required, the individual teams step in to support & guide your internal teams
  • You get an Engagement Manager who is your Point of Contact for all your needs

In short, you get expert CISO+DPO support at your disposal without having to actually engage external advisors. 

To get your own Empower CISO+DPO, do contact us.