The Data Privacy landscape is rapidly changing and evolving – thereby making the implementation of a Data Privacy program in an organization an onerous and complex task. The more the number of laws & regulations an organization is exposed to, the more complex it gets.

Typically an organization can take a couple of years to roll out a Privacy Program across all its units. Hence, the only way to make this feasible and sustainable in the long run is to empower an organization to implement and manage its Privacy program on its own.

Arrka does this using two critical offerings from its stable:

  • The Arrka Intelligent PlatformTM or AI-PTM
  • The Arrka Privacy Toolkit

While the Toolkit is embedded in the platform, it is also offered in a separate, standalone manner.

Comprising a series of templates, guidances, documents & checklists, the Arrka Privacy Toolkit offers:

One Law or Multiple Laws? It doesn’t matter. The Arrka Privacy Toolkit can be used to ‘put it all together’ and implement your privacy program

Ready to get empowered to implement and manage your organization’s Data Privacy Program? Get in touch to get started.