Managing Information Risks in an organization involves the orchestration of a large number of complex moving parts.

The various tasks and activities that comprise the above are varied

The Arrka Intelligent PlatformTM or AI-PTM empowers organizations to overcome the above challenges and run their Information Risk Management programs – whether it be Infosecurity, Data Privacy, Regulatory Compliance or all of it together – in an efficient, effective and expert manner

A first-of-its-kind, AI-PTM has been built by Arrka leveraging the years of expertise of its team of experts in managing such programs across a variety of verticals and sizes of organizations.

The platform, coupled with assisted services from Arrka, puts the control back in the hands of the organization and empowers them to implement and manage.

Here are some glimpses of what the platform offers:

A glimpse of the kind of reports the platform equips and organization with:

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