About Arrka

Arrka was founded in 2012 by two professionals – Shivangi Nadkarni and Sameer Anja – who had the expertise and experience in the domain of Information Risk coupled with a crazy dream of building on that advantage to venture into the unknown. Seeing how the world around them was rapidly changing, how the need for this expertise was exploding, how new niche areas in this domain were emerging, how organizations were struggling – Shivangi and Sameer rolled up their sleeves and started working with their clients to carve out new ways of doing things.

Chipping away at challenges that seemed insurmountable at first glance, refusing to grab the low hanging fruits to continuing along the beaten path, the duo persisted. Slowly but surely, many new paths emerged, new models emerged, new domains hitherto unseen began opening up – in short, Arrka took a shape and form that even the two of them hadn’t imagined when they started.

Over the years, they were joined by other like-minded adventure seekers – folks who believed in doing things untried and untested, breaking new ground and building on this dream.

Today, Arrka has grown into a niche player specializing in Data Privacy and Info Security, offering solutions that approach problems – hitherto

unaddressed - from a fresh perspective. With a roster of clients across multiple geographies, domains and market segments and a team spread

across six cities and three continents, Arrka believes that this is just the beginning.

Come talk to us… and join in our dream....

Core Team

Shivangi Nadkarni

Co-Founder & CEO

Shivangi has over 24 years of experience in the domains of Information Security & Risk Manage... Read More

Sameer Anja

Co-Founder & CEO

Sameer has over 21 years of experience in the domains of Information Security, Risk and Complianc... Read More

Sandeep Rao

Sandeep has over 18 years of Management Consulting experience in the areas of Business Transform... Read More

Devendra Gupta

Devendra Gupta is a cyber security evangelist with over 14 years of experience in the domain of I... Read More