Solutions for Large Enterprises

“Do we need to start on Privacy now or do we wait for laws to be passed first?”

“Does Privacy need to be a separate program or should it be a part of our Security program?”

“Our Law firm has drawn up our Privacy Policy. Now how do we go about implementing it?”

“Should I do a comprehensive end-to-end Privacy assessment of our entire organization/group or should we do it in phases?”

“Do we need a special Privacy implementation framework? Have heard of ISO 27701, DPF, BS 10012, etc – which one should we pick? Do we need to develop our own framework?”

“How large a team do we need to implement our Privacy program?”

If the above are some of the questions you are grappling with, then do not worry – you are on the right track.

These are points that almost all organizations work their way through as they get going with their Privacy programs. Having worked with organizations in the domain of Privacy since 2012, Arrka has been an active participant in such conversations and more… and helped many organizations find their way through this and beyond as they commence and mature their privacy programs.

Understanding privacy as a domain is distinct and different from understanding what it takes to implement a privacy program. Both are equally important for an organization to roll out and manage a successful privacy program. And Arrka brings both to the table.

The two have been combined to develop the Arrka Privacy Implementation Toolkit and methodology. These have then been baked into our Arrka Privacy Management Platform. All of which is continually updated and evolved as the whole domain gallups ahead with new laws and regulations being passed or some existing law being modified every other day in some corner of the globe.

This is closely intertwined with the Arrka Privacy Academy – where we train privacy practitioners who take on the onerous responsibility of implementing & managing programs in their organizations; and the Arrka Lab - where digital properties and new technologies are tested and assessed for privacy.

Arrka’s underlying philosophy is that organizations need to be empowered to implement and run their privacy programs on their own – with minimal dependence on external expertise. It is our abiding belief that Privacy is here to stay and no organization can avoid it. So, much like an organization handles 90% of their finance & accounts needs inhouse, so should it be for privacy. And hence our 360-degrees approach to empower organizations to get there – with the tools and knowhow required.

To protect Personal Information from misuse, loss and authorised access, modification or disclosure, Arrka has implemented reasonable security practices and procedures through Information Security Policies.

Connect with us – and get started on your Privacy journeys. Much like other stalwarts in the industry have.