The Securities and Exchange Board of India, in its role as the regulator for the Indian Securities Market, has rolled out two Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Frameworks – one for Stock Brokers and Depository Participants and one for Mutual Funds & AMCs.

These are applicable not just to the core entities – the Brokers or MFs themselves – but also to their surrounding ecosystems of vendors and service providers. This means that even if you are a vendor to a Broker or MF, you have to follow many of the requirements of these mandates from SEBI.

To make this process of compliance relatively easier for the entities involved, Arrka has specially designed Arrka Solutions : SEBI. Offered off the powerful Arrka Privacy Management PlatformTM combined with assisted services from experts, Arrka Solutions: SEBI empowers organizations to quickly comply with the requirements of SEBI’s mandates.

A Quick Overview of the Solution Offering:

Special Mention: We at Arrka understand that becoming compliant and remaining compliant are two different things – and need to be focussed on independently. Hence our offering comprises two distinct parts – to get you there in the first place and, once there, to ensure you remain there!

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