Arrka was founded in 2012 by two professionals – Shivangi Nadkarni and Sameer Anja – who had expertise and experience in the domain of Information Risk coupled with a dream of addressing problems in this domain that they saw had remained unaddressed.

One of those problems was that of an acute paucity of expertise in the domain, which was not going to go away anytime soon. This left a large swathe of organizations – especially the Small & Mid-Sized Businesses (SMBs) – without access to requisite expertise and knowhow in addressing the escalating challenges of Information Risk Management. Seeing some of these SMBs struggle, the duo rolled up their sleeves and started working with their clients to develop a fresh approach to solve this problem.

Thus was born the concept of the Arrka Privacy Management PlatformTM or APMP. The thought behind it was to empower organizations to do things on their own and minimize dependencies on high-end expertise. APMP went live in early 2019 – bringing to fruition something that seemed like a distant dream back in 2012.

In parallel, the two ‘stumbled’ into the arena of Data Privacy – a critical part of Information Risk Management. It was a new area back in 2012-2013 in India – with very few folks imagining how rapidly this was going to snowball. Getting to work on some extremely interesting initiatives and engagements, they rapidly built up their expertise in Data Privacy – to the extent that today Arrka is considered a pioneer and a key, definitive player in Data Privacy in India.

Over the years, Shivangi & Sameer were joined by other like-minded adventure seekers – folks who believed in doing things untried and untested, breaking new ground and building on these dreams.

Today, Arrka has grown into a niche player specialising in Data Privacy and Info Security, offering solutions that approach problems – hitherto unaddressed – from a fresh perspective. With a roster of marquee clients across multiple geographies, domains and market segments and a team spread across multiple countries, Arrka believes that this is just the beginning….

And yes… before you ask… Arrka means ‘Sunshine’ in Sanskrit. Just as there is no life without the Sun, there can be no business without the management of digital risks.