One of the ‘youngest’ standards in the ISO portfolio, ISO 27701 was released in August 2019. It is a standard for establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improving a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). An extension to ISO 27001 and 27002, ISO 27701 helps establishing privacy management within the context of the organization

Further, this is a certifiable standard.

Given the rapidly evolving focus on Data Privacy, this standard is likely to get popular quickly and see adoption by many organizations.

Post a successful implementation, sustaining it and maintaining it is another, focussed and involved endeavour.

Arrka – with its extensive experience in implementing and managing Data Privacy Programs for organizations – has leveraged this expertise to design and launch Arrka Solutions : 27001. Offered off the powerful Arrka Privacy Management PlatformTM combined with assisted services from experts, Arrka Solutions: ISO 27001 empowers organizations to implement and manage this initiative efficiently and effectively.

A Quick Overview of the Solution Offering:

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