ISO 27001 has become the de-factor standard for ISMS (Information Security Management System) pretty much around the world. A mature standard that has evolved over the years, organizations adopt it as they mature while many laws and regulations specifically mention it or recognise it as an acceptable standard.

Since this is a certifiable standard, many organizations get themselves certified for ISO 27001 as well.

The challenge with ISO 27001 is that it involves many moving parts across different aspects of an organization’s systems and processes. Hence implementing it takes effort, resources and budgets.

Post a successful implementation, sustaining it and maintaining it is another, focussed and involved endeavour.

To make this journey of implementing ISO 27001 less cumbersome and the lifecycle of sustaining it more manageable, Arrka has specially designed Arrka Solutions : 27001. Offered off the powerful Arrka Privacy Management PlatformTM combined with assisted services from experts, Arrka Solutions : ISO 27001 empowers organizations to take up and manage this initiative efficiently and effectively – with minimal dependence on outside expertise.

A Quick Overview of the Solution Offering:

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