Arrka Academy is delighted to announce India’s first exclusive e-learning module for Data Privacy for end-users. Designed specifically for an Indian audience, the course addresses the basics of privacy that an individual needs to know.

Here is an overview of the course:

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Why CyberNinja for Privacy?

As we at Arrka work closely with organizations in empowering them to implement privacy programs, we see the following realities on the ground at close quarters:

Creating a Privacy Culture is critical. For any organizational privacy program to succeed, building a Privacy Culture is de-riguer.

Consequently, educating individuals about Privacy is a core component in addressing the above realities.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to kickstart the creation & spread awareness amongst individual employees and other stakeholders is via an online, self-paced, e-learning course.

CyberNinjaTM for Privacy from Arrka is an online, self-learning course, specially designed for an end-user in India to equip her with a basic understanding of Data Privacy. This course can be ‘consumed’ by the user from her own device (Desktop/Laptop/Mobile) in the convenience of her own environment at her own pace.

The course can be customised to specific organizational requirements.

Further, We understand that just doing one training program does not suffice to build sustained learning and bring about impactful behavioural changes. This needs to be supported with:

** We recommend augmenting the above with exclusive in-person Board and Senior Management briefings.Note: The Arrka Academy offers a separate exclusive online learning module for Security. We recommend that the Privacy Module be complemented by this Security module to ensure an end-to-end understanding of Information Risks.