Arrka Privacy Management Platform

The Arrka Privacy Management Platform (APMP) is at the core of Arrka – powering all our solutions.

The APMP encapsulates deep domain knowhow, nifty technical features &functionalities and expert engines & repositories to empower organizations to be ‘upand about’ with their privacy & compliance requirements rapidly and to manage &sustain them on an ongoing basis with ease and efficiency. The underlying data layer of APMP – powered by AI – equips organizations with the intelligence they require to manage their risks better.

We are often asked what led us to develop the platform. So here is the story behind the platform:

When we started working with organizations to enable them to implement privacy,we were struck by the following insights:
-   While privacy programs were just taking root in our then primary market – India – they were (and are!) here to stay. Every, literally every, organization           would need to implement privacy.
    -   However, where were the resources – people & budgets – going to come from? Given how rapidly this domain is evolving, finding people with the right          expertise and knowledge is always going to be a challenge. And budgets, especially for small & mid-sized businesses, is going to be a perpetual issue.
    -  The only way to address this oncoming deluge in the long term was to automate so the requisite intelligence, tools and techniques are all available ‘on          tap’.
    -   Thus was born the concept of the Arrka Privacy Management Platform

What is important to note is that the journey has just begun. Everyday there is some new development, some new challenge, some new requirement thrown up in some corner of the world. The platform is designed to be keep up with this and more – so that our customers don’t have to.

So are you ready for this new way of solving your problems? If yes, do contact us for further details. Or simply schedule a demo.