India has emerged as one of the global leaders in Mobile Internet usage today with over 934 Million Mobile phone users ,  80% of Internet usage happening over mobile devices, and 6 Billion Google Playstore Downloads.

The mobile has become to ‘go-to’ device not just for communication but also entertainment, utilities and other purposes too. In this scenario, concerns around security and privacy of mobile devices and apps have emerged. Based on our Study on Indian Mobile Apps, we arrived at some interesting statistics

  • 68% have access to details about your email and social media accounts
  • 70% have access to your Contacts
  • 45% Apps have access to Camera
  • ~94% of the Mobile Apps share data with 3rd Party Advertisers and Analytics companies
  • 69% Apps do not take explicit User Consent during Installation

While India may not have a comprehensive data privacy law, the basic principles of privacy for organizations is covered under the rules for sensitive data protection under Section 43A of the Indian Information Technology (IT) Act. And the liabilities for any breach includes for civil and criminal penalties.

As more and more organizations are showing a Mobile presence, we have developed a specialized offering from Arrka – via our Privacy Testing Centre to help organizations comply on Data Privacy.

Mobile App Privacy Testing (MAPT) Services is Arrka’s Solution for companies who are on mobile

  • A new offering which provides a Holistic Analysis of an App from a Privacy perspective covering all core principles
  • Approach is to conduct Manual and Automated tests at our Arrka Privacy Testing Lab to ensure maximum security.
  • We perform both Black and Grey Box testing
  • For ongoing management, we develop a customized Mobile App Policy and conduct frequent audit and review of Apps