Most of your critical information today is in digital form.

Which also means that your organization is under constant threat – whether or not it is all connected to the Internet. The moment your info goes digital and you are using devices like PCs, Laptops, Smart phones or Tablets, you are fending off cyber threats all the time.

Doesn’t matter if your organization has 5 people or 5000 – the threats are similar, continuous and relentless.

Sure, you have put in place various measures to fight these threats – policies, processes and technical controls. Solutions like Anti-Virus, Firewalls, UTMs to perhaps Data Leakage management, Incident management etc are a part of your arsenal.

But have you deployed your biggest resource – that is sitting right under your nose, untapped and overlooked, available for free – your own PEOPLE?

Cyber threats cannot be fought with technical weapons alone. It needs foot soldiers. It needs your employees to become your CyberNinjas. 

Even the best of controls can come to nought if your end users do something to circumvent the controls – whether by mistake or deliberately.

If there is one thing common to most attacks taking place around us today, it is the end-user being at the bottom of it. Most attacks begin with someone having trapped or enticed an end-user into doing something that has led to a compromise – which, in turn, has opened doors to attackers. Sometimes, there are malicious insiders involved too.

To help an organization build its own army of footsoldiers – its own personal CyberNinjas –  Arrka has launched CyberNinja™

CyberNinja™ is designed as a set of learning-enablers to help bring about behavioral change in the end-user.

The first in this series is an online, self-learning awareness module that educates a user about the basics of Cyber and Information Security.

What is special about CyberNinja™

  • Engaging Content Design – Not just text. Videos of regular people that a user can relate to and graphical scenarios re-inforce learning
  • Targets user ‘buy-in’ – Tells the user the ‘whys’ behind the so-called ‘diktats’ they are usually given – so they ‘buy into’ the controls deployed and actively participate in their implementation
  • Specially designed for an Indian audience – The content is specific to an Indian user. The examples used, the language and the accent is all Indian.

And yes, it is the first and only solution of its kind in India today!

Here is a quick tour of CyberNinja:

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