Information Security Services:

Information Security Services

Assessments, Audits & VA/PT Services:

Want to find out the current Information & IT Risk posture in your organization?

Arrka provides a host of Assessment & Audit solutions that cover specific audits along with comprehensive assessments of:

Assessments and AuditsSpecialized Audits



We help organizations comply with various standards and regulations. We help with their readiness efforts as well as in getting the associated certifications for all the key IT Risk, Process & other associated standards.

Compliance Advisory

Cyber Law Consulting:

Arrka collaborates with a leading Cyber Law firm to bring Cyber Law specific advisory services to organizations. Our services include:

  • Advisory services on interpretation, applicability and compliance requirements of various global and Indian Information Technology related laws and regulations
  • Contracts & Policies Reviews

Incidence Response & Management

The advocates of our Cyber Law collaborator undertake litigation if required.