I have been getting lots of questions from friends and family in the last few weeks about what is all this discussion going on about privacy issues on Facebook – and what they should be doing. Some have even fallen victim to ‘hoax’ suggestions and have been posting them on Facebook to get their friends Read more about LATEST PRIVACY RELATED ISSUES ON FACEBOOK[…]

Credit Card Frauds – What You Should Know

Given the recent spate of news articles about credit card frauds, we thought we should ‘de-mystify’ all the discussions going on and outline what you, the user, needs to know to safeguard against such frauds. What comprises a ‘Credit Card Fraud’? When criminals get hold of your credit card details (including the cvv number printed Read more about Credit Card Frauds – What You Should Know[…]

Are Your Kids Online? Watch Out!

Every parent’s worst nightmare is her child losing his / her way in the online world given the widespread exposure that today’s children have to a proliferation of smart devices such as laptops, iPads or Smart Phones. Each of these brings with it its own set of challenges for the parent while exposing the innocent Read more about Are Your Kids Online? Watch Out![…]

Upcoming Workshops from Arrka

Hi Folks, Excited to be doing two workshops this month : 1. On DLP, Data Protection & Encryption: Although the topic sounds highly techie and rather esoteric, the workshop is actually designed keeping a semi-tech audience in mind. So if you are interested in knowing more about how to protect one of your most critical Read more about Upcoming Workshops from Arrka[…]

The Dark Side of Social Media

All ye marketers and business heads out there – am sure you are all busy designing or approving campaigns involving social media. A game on facebook to create a buzz around your latest launch, a mobile app developed to promote your new initiative, a video on youtube showing a live demo of your product – all Read more about The Dark Side of Social Media[…]

Patching – why you cannot leave it to just the IT folks….

Last week, we conducted an interesting workshop on Privacy and Data Protection. It was a highly interactive group with quite a few important points discussed. During the course of the day, my belief was further re-inforced – that even senior folks in the tech industry, working in fields related to Infosec, can be blissfully unaware Read more about Patching – why you cannot leave it to just the IT folks….[…]