Meanwhile in the World of Data Privacy: June 26 2017

Note: Thank you to many readers of the previous post of this series for their inputs and feedback. Based on that, have decided to term these series ‘privacy round-ups’ – because that is what they are intended to be. Happy reading….do keep sending me your feedback on -Shivangi Nadkarni, Co-Founder & CEO, Arrka Consulting Read more about Meanwhile in the World of Data Privacy: June 26 2017[…]

A Crucial Milestone for Privacy in India

As conversations and debates are in full flow all around us on privacy and data protection, India quietly crossed a crucial milestone in its privacy journey for enterprises last week. The Data Security Council of India (DSCI), India’s focal body on data protection which is an independent Self Regulatory Organization (SRO) under NASSCOM®, launched the Read more about A Crucial Milestone for Privacy in India[…]

Stay Paranoid, Stay Safe

28th January is commemorated as ‘Data Privacy Day’ worldwide. While the Data Privacy and Security folks are all charged up and enthusiastic, as always, about this day, we find that it quietly passes by the vast majority of people for whom it is actually relevant – all of you out there who are heavily invested Read more about Stay Paranoid, Stay Safe[…]

Wake Up, Marketers in India!

A recent conversation with a friend who’s putting together an online campaign for her brand: Me: BTW, in your campaign, have you ensured all the consumer data you are planning to collect would be properly protected? After all, you are collecting some sensitive personal data from folks She: Our IT Team is excellent – am Read more about Wake Up, Marketers in India![…]

Upcoming Workshops from Arrka

Hi Folks, Excited to be doing two workshops this month : 1. On DLP, Data Protection & Encryption: Although the topic sounds highly techie and rather esoteric, the workshop is actually designed keeping a semi-tech audience in mind. So if you are interested in knowing more about how to protect one of your most critical Read more about Upcoming Workshops from Arrka[…]